Monday, August 08, 2011

A Change of Focus.

The first (and only, final, last) family gathering that I've been working on for seven months was delightful and successful and fun and wonderful and rewarding.  And much more.  There's not an adjective that fully describes how insanely crazy I am about my family!  It was a team effort and I enjoyed working so closely with my cousins.  We're not only still talking to each other after our mega-project but we've woven our heartstrings a bit tighter in the process.

But the get-together is now family history and the loose ends are firmly tied up, so it no longer consumes my every thought and utterance.  Seriously.  The vacation drive back from Casa Encantada involved discussions about condiments.  Really.  (I'm not sure if that makes me detail-oriented or complete anal retentive.)

It's nice to move on to new challenges.  Before I panic and waste what's left of summer. Time to get involved in some other worthwhile effort.

Olympic Organizing Committe?  I'm just not that into sports other than soccer. (Plus the IOC haven't called back.)

World Peace?  Worthy but I suspect more frustrating in the short run than rewarding. I cover up enough grey hairs as it is.  So not into more of them.

I was thinking something creative.  Something tangible.  Something that will improve my quality of life and eliminate half my wrinkles.

Delving into my Summer List, I found the perfect project.  Short-term.  Cheap.  Easy-peasy results. No guarantee about the wrinkle remover though.

And I get to use my Purdy paintbrush.  Love, love, love having a great paintbrush again!  It's my own personal magic wand. 

Yep, I'm transforming my laundry/powder room from soothing natural colors to a palette that has more energy.  Lesson learned: avoid decorating that's subtle, soothing, and/or sophisticated.  It's not me.

The raw silk valance is headed for Craigslist to be replaced with some Cath Kidston-esque fabric that I've sewn. The tan and moss hand towels took a trip to the Queen Mother's. SW Interactive Cream walls received their first coat of SW Buff.  The rooms look much brighter.  That'll happen when walls go from fawn to vanilla ice cream and the trim from KM Bone to KM Antique White.

So.  Much.  Better.

We have turquoise and lime towels now.  The beadboard switchplate covers (Lowe's beat Home Depot's price by $3 each!) make my heart go thump-a-lump every time I see them.  Next up:  white frames for some original flower paintings.

And a search for my camera USB cord so I can download photos for the final reveal.  Where did I put it?

Smiling and contented,


  1. What great memories you helped to create this summer! Sounds really great. Hope you find your usb cord soon... looking forward to the laundry room reveal:)

  2. What a great family get together. You have quite a few members there.
    Now you just have to find that camera cord so we can see these projects you have been working on. Curious minds want to see. LOL!