Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Attention Seekers Anonymous

Howdy, my name is pogonip and I just lurve attention.

Have you noticed I don't post about my fairly pathetic vegetable garden?  I never rave about the five green beans in my fridge waiting for enough compadres to make more than a single-bite veggie.

Or the fact that I finally planted the two pumpkins that sprouted?  Even though I'm fully aware that snowballs have a better chance.  What a great procrastinator's post that could be!  Complete with photos of their hopeful little pumpkin blossoms now and then the cruel shot of them after our first hard frost. 

No,  I post about the flowers that delight my heart. And apparently the bigger they are, the more I like them.

It's hard to find anything flashier than peonies in the spring.  Ahhh, those huge buds promise even larger flowers.  And deliver the goods.

Of course if you were to find something even less shy and reclusive than the double peonies it would probably be a Nelly Moser clematis.  One that I just happen to have growing by our front porch.

The one that has total strangers stopping to ask me if it's real.
I apparently chose flowers for my garden based on how flashy they are. The Oranges and Lemons rose, while not large, also has a certain flair that grabs your eyeballs and won't let loose.

Fortunately, Strawberry Swirl hardy hibiscus is more eye candy than eye grabber.

Yeah, it's sorta huge and pretty much the only thing you notice blooming right now. But is that a problem?  It's wonderful to look up from my sink and swoon over her loveliness all the way across the yard.

So, am I the only one that has this little large problem?  Does size matter?  Is bigger really better?   
Or is it just more fun!
from a tres petite,
Come visit other gardeners (who hopefully don't write paragraphs like that last one, lol)  at the Tuesday Garden Party.


  1. LOL! Your garden sounds like mine. I now have a big green horned worm on my 4 tomato plants that it is stripping of all its leaves and they are so pathetic I told the worm to do its worst. LOL! Girl that Oranges and Lemons rose is so pretty. I have not saw one of those before. Nelly Moser clematis is such a beauty and great performer. Your is a beauty.

  2. Big or little, I love all the blooms equally. As long as they come to visit me and stay a very long time. I look around my garden and see very few bright colors. It seems I choose the same flower color as clothing color. I wonder if others do the same?!
    You are not the only one who can't brag about her vegetables...mine were PATHETIC. A small basket of sweet potatoes,(which were so stringy, I gave em to the goats) NOT ONE pepper, a handful of tomatoes and one decent head of broccoli. I hang my head in shame. Oh, but the ornamental gourds grew beautifully, only, I didn't plant them. They were happily engulfing the compost heap all on their own.