Thursday, September 22, 2011

Summer Fun!

This was my smile for the day--enjoy!

Glad I finally figured out how to get the whole YouTube screen to show on my blog!  It used to be so easy but, with a little thought, I conquered the new template at last.  Now I've gotta change my header...

It's always something!


  1. I like it! The new layout looks good... I alway have good luck following the header advice at
    I think it has something to do with the size when you export it???

    Glad to see you made it home safe:) The bread is fabulous... I have been toasting it and slathering with butter... delish. Thank you! Sorry about the eggs though.

  2. What a cute video. That took some time to coordinate. I love how much fun they had.

  3. Loved the video! You are way ahead of me, I have no idea how to load a utube video! I think using your chipped off porcelain flowers on a picture frame would be perfect!!