Monday, October 03, 2011

Home Made Delicious

If you pick a hundred pounds of deliciously ripe fruit and it doesn't all get eaten at your family reunion, you'll have to do something with it.  After I conned my extended family into helping me sort and pit the last-of-the-season apricots and super-flavorful Santa Rosa plums (this was back at the end of July), we put them all into ziploc bags and I popped them into my freezer to wait for cooler weather.
I'm not crazy enough to make jam and/or jelly when it's stinkin' hot outside. (That's why God created freezers. And I wouldn't want to wreck any Divine plan.)

I spent an incredibly satisfying day making plum jelly, apricot jam, mint jelly and Oriental plum sauce.  I used up every single jar I had in the process.  

I just wanted to mention that I have a smooth electric stovetop. There are rumors about being unable to can fruit or make jelly if you have one. FALSE! I just wipe up any sugar spills or jam drips with a wet cloth and I'm good to go.

Then I took my jars outside in the sun for a photo shoot.  I think filled jelly jars are as beautiful as stained glass!


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  1. You have been a busy girl. I love to see things canned up. Your jellies look so pretty. I use to can everything years ago. When I would go to the basement I would think how pretty all the new jars of fruits, veggies and sausage looked. The Plum sauce sounds yummy.

  2. Your jellies and jams are simply BEAUTIFUL. I have never canned any jellies as I never get enough fruit off my trees to make more than one jar!

  3. You are very clever to have frozen the fruit until there was cooler weather. Your jams and jellies glow like jewels in the sunshine. I bet they taste delicious too!