Tuesday, October 11, 2011


It's that time of year, with warm sunny days and cool nights--my roses love this weather. All the colors seems more intense. Any pink rose now seems
in tone. But as the weather cools (there was snow high on the ridge this morning) I know winter can't be far behind and I get
as I bid farewell to my lovelies' last blooms.
The east side of the Sierra may not exactly be subtroppical or we'd be able to grow
but our summer's all the more welcome as we soak up the sun.  Summer is truly the
in Reno's four seasons.

We know there's an
lurking somewhere in our future but for now the
of our Indian summer is welcome.

So fare-thee-well, my flower friends; remember that it's never too early to plan for springtime!
I've enjoyed visiting you all at our weekly


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  1. Girl your roses are so pretty. They do not know it is Fall here either so we won't tell them. That Heart of Gold Rose is such a pretty one Roxie.