Friday, December 16, 2011

December Went Where?

  • Because there's no way it could possibly be the sixteenth already. Please tell me I'm mistaken!
  • I might not have a tree yet, but at least I found the time to put up last year's elf header on this year's blog design even if it doesn't quite fit.
  • Dear Santa, please could I have an early present:  a battery charger for my ambition? or a giant pitcher of margaritas?
  • Do good intentions count as presents?
  • Rather than thinking of it as only eight more shopping days to Christmas, I prefer to think of the eleven thousand five hundred and twenty minutes that I still have to leisurely look for the perfect presents.  Certainly that provides more than enough time to get them wrapped creatively and sent to distant states too!

Not panicking just yet...although I probably should,


  1. There you are! Don't worry. I have done nothing yet either other than buy a few gifts. No cards or presents sent. No decorations out. I would actually not miss Christmas if it just passed me by this year.

  2. P.S. It's me, formally known as Crazy/Vegas Princess. I changed my name...again! :)

  3. Sounds much better in minutes. Roxie Girl you have got to get a move on.LOL!Are you ones of those who love the rush of last minute shopping? LOL!
    If I do not get back to you before its time. "Merry Christmas to you and yours".