Saturday, January 07, 2012

Effortless Tick Removal

Let's list ticks among Kharma's least-favorite things about California, along with fleas and heartwork mosquitoes. January's neither flea nor mosquito season, but apparently the ticks are active since Kharma brought back a souvenir from our brief trip to see the in-laws. 

The tick passed unnoticed at the vet visit just a day after we returned. The not-so-little bugger survived our nightly canine brushing (New Year's resolution #3) but thankfully not my sweetie's sharp eyes. 

A quick Google search to ensure we removed it correctly turned up the improbable suggestion that we simple rub the body using a circular motion and the tick would disengage voluntarily. Given that no tweezers or pulling was required, we gave it a try.  

Thirty seconds later. Bingo! 

I know the entire tick was out because it was (shudder) crawling around in the jar afterwards just before I poured acetone over it.  Simple alcohol would have worked, but I was in the mood for a bit of overkill (and an extended session of soapy handwashing.) Then we sent it to tick valhalla via burial at sea. 

Here's the Instructables site complete with a video showing actual removal

I'm so glad we live in the flea-free, tick-free, heartworm-free high desert!  I love my in-laws but right now I'm happy we don't visit more often!  

Kharma might disagree given the amount of petting she receives from G and G, the hot-and-cold running squirrels available for her entertainment and the half-acre of yard--fortunately border collies haven't figured out how to drive.  



  1. She is a cutie. Glad you got the pest. I just saw on TV an advertisement for a show, don't know the name, but it was about a tick invasion. Never thought that could happen. They were all over the bed, bathroom, just creepy.

  2. Poor baby. I am glad you found it. I use to hate to get rid of them on rare occasions when I had the dogs. Nasty little critter. LOL!

  3. I love the word you chose for me.......I think that's what I have been trying to find......that's me for sure.
    I don't think my flea invasion was one of my best comments, hah.