Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hippo Birdies Two Me's...Again!

Fun is...shopping yesterday with the Queen Mother for my birthday present.  

I needed to trade in a sporty simple blue pullover (Christmas present) that was the clone of one I already had. There was nothing wrong with it--except that it was sporty, simple and I already had one similar.  

I wanted something different.  I was in a girly mood for something ruffled or rhinestoned. Something that was cute right this instant and would look completely dated in a couple of years. 

Something not classic, not necessarily functional, maybe a little fun and artsy.  I didn't care if it was cotton or wool or something completely synthetic.  I wasn't waiting till I shed the ten extra pounds that are my perennial excuse of not buying something.  It didn't even have to match anything else I own.

After trying on half of Macy's stock, I ended up finding a trendy little deep-chocolate sweater with ruffles on the collar and sleeve bottoms in the I.N.C. section.

Obviously this is the purple version and I'm not planning on wearing it with white slacks and a sequined top in our kindergarten. Can't imagine why.
And I look way better than this in mine. 'Cause I have attitude and I rock it.

The price tag said seventy dollars, yikes! Still...it was twenty-five percent off and the Queen Mother got another discount on top of that plus I returned the other top and I had a store credit  I totally deserved it.  

A girl only has a birthday once a year!

And I'm not indulging in a birthday dessert this year.  Not even a scoop of peanut butter cup ice cream to celebrate (I can get a bit focused when I'm serious about losing some inches and gaining muscle definition).

I'm looking forward to creating chic combos.  Birthdays and new clothes are fun!

Somewhat older than last year, but definitely cuter,

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  1. Pretty, Pretty! very beautiful, I would wear this sweater too.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth