Monday, January 16, 2012

Hot Off The Presses

Dere pOgonip, 

The frsh water is appericiated. Mostly we Lik the roosterz. We used them all up. Plees send mor. 

Hope yu lik the eggz. 

Yor henz. 

p.s. also we deemand suett and seeedz like yu giv the birdeez.


It might have been twenty-two degrees outside this morning with fresh snow powdering the brick patio and icy pond, but one of these eggs was practically steaming in my hand it was so fresh!  

I don't know what made the Bombshells change their mind, but they got a whole sunflower head and free range time in the sunshine as a reward.  

I guess the soup pot will remain empty.



  1. sweet! Keep 'em coming girls...

  2. I got an egg, too, yesterday after a hiatus since November from one of my girls! It was cold earlier this past week, but yesterday it was an unseasonable 67 degrees. I hope they'll keep the eggs coming.

  3. No you cannot put the girls in the stew pot! Maybe they just shivered that egg right out. LOL!