Monday, March 26, 2012

When It's Sunny and Warm

This is exactly how I feel.  EX-ACT-LY!  I can't help myself--Spring keeps teasing us with warm days and new flowers appearing daily.  

While I like many of them, I think I'm channeling the mum at :41. Which flower are you?

Not, mind you, that we have anything more than spring bulbs in the yard.  But a girl can dream.  And sometimes I think that the daffodils or crocus unwind themselves about as quickly as those in the video when we get a warm day.

Of course, rain and/or snow is in the forecast as the week begins.  But Friday and Saturday were freakin' awesome, so that's okay.

*    *    *    *    *

Browsing through the Community Education classes sure can tell you a lot about your current interests as I realized when I thought about the things that caught my eye in the recent brochure.

Watercolor Painting: Pansies, Petunias and Poppies
Coloring Between the Lines with Colored Pencils
Paint Your Dog's Portrait
Pottery on the Wheel
 Crochet 2
 Tibetan Buddhism
Belly Dancing
Tai Chi
Reformer Pilates
Anusara Yoga
Make an Herbal First Aid Kit
Foraging for Edible and Medicinal Plants
Practical French
Train to Hike Half Dome
Beginning Fly Fishing

If I read that interest list, I'd guess that person is artistic, physical and likes the outdoors.  I don't think this is the year that I'll be taking any classes, but I've put one of them on my  List for Future Consideration.  Any guesses what it might be?  It might surprise you, but then maybe not, considering that I consistently have an inspirational quote that I'm aspiring to.  

My spiritual side would love to learn more about Buddhism. I have enormous respect for the Dalai Lama and would be interested in knowing more about a religion that could produce such an amazing man.

And if I was teaching a Community Ed class, I'd be showing you how to make various breads (no bread machines would be involved) and we'd be trying out embroidery stitches while our bread was rising!



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    2. Sorry :) This is what happens when I try to read blogs while helping my children. That is why I stay up too late to have computer time where my brain can actually process what I'm reading.

      I love the spring decorating and you have helped me to feel motivated to pull out my boxes.

      Happy Spring!

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