Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Our little jewel is officially one month old today!
Sierra Rose is no longer just a sweet newborn lump of deliciousness, she's a baby. Growing and changing daily.  While we'd like to keep her small, it's exciting to see her become her own little person.

Her daddy just celebrated his birthday and it was so wonderful to contemplate all the joys that she'll bring him in the year ahead.  That first smile and all the milestones like rolling over and crawling and babbling to her daddy.

Thank heavens for Skype.  What did long distance grand-parents do before the Internet?

There's nothing quite as magical as a new baby.



  1. In tht picture she looks like a toddler. Maybe it's all that hair. SO adorable.

  2. She is just precious Roxy. What a sweetie. Enjoy her because they grow so fast.