Saturday, September 22, 2012


Officially, yes.

My summer was so satisfying and I accomplished so much
(not one thing of which I've blogged about) 

that I'm happy with my memories and ready to move on to a new season of fun-filled projects.  Yep, summer ended without any kicking and screaming this year which is pretty amazeballs.

No, I haven't been abducted by aliens, tinkered with and returned to the Cottage as a new and improved version, thankyouforasking.

It's just that my flowering dogwood has tinges of red, the fruit is coming faster than we can use it (thank heavens for neighbors), the waterlilies have ceased blooming.  The cooler nights and more moderate temps have deepened the colors of the late roses.  I'm buying mums not petunias.  The mantel is asking politely for some fall decor and the ruffly pink cushions on the porch wicker just don't look right.  The garden is already slowing down so I've found myself sitting and sewing instead of digging and pruning.

Pretty soon I'll be haunting my Goodwill instead of cruising yard sales with my sidekick.  Soup will sound good.  Oatmeal for breakfast.  And a cup of Sleepytime after dinner. 

It's gotten me in the mood for a homey change of seasons.

Welcome, Autumn.  Bring on the lamplight and down comforters.  I'm ready for swirling leaves, pumpkins, treat-or-treaters, and acorns.  I'm ready to fluff and settle into my nest.



  1. Well I am resisting summer leaving but it pays me no mind. LOL! I guess we have to just go with it and it is time to get out some fall decorating. I love the feathers and flowers together. Have a wonderful week.

  2. Summer was so hot here I'm happy to see it end! Looks like you accomplished a lot during the summer. I'm ready to add a bit of fall to my mantel too.