Wednesday, September 26, 2012


There are garden chores...and then there's harvesting lavender. 

Oh, the aroma!  The fragrance! Can't you just practically smell it through your monitor?

The old galvanized bucket I stumbled upon at a yard sale early in the summer (fifty cents!) has been holding bundles of drying lavender.  Now I'm rubbing the lavender buds into it instead of the paper grocery bags I've used for the past couple years. Style points!

Just look! 
See all the lovely buds that are piling up in the bottom of the bucket?  As I rub off the buds, I dream about making sachets from some of the old, slightly holey linens I've acquired.  I won't feel bad about cutting into the vintage table runners since they will just be re-purposed!  Maybe with a bit of embroidery or ribbon work? Wouldn't they be nice Christmas gifts?!


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  1. love the scent of Lavender. I think a sachet would make a lovely gift, put me on your Christmas list ok? take care..;j