Friday, October 19, 2012

My Little Yoyo Jack O'Lantern

Meet Jack Yoyo-Lantern. 

He's what happens when you're addicted to yoyos, dolls and pumpkin decor and somebody (the Queen Mother) gives you a pattern from Indygo Junction that combines all three.  It took me five evenings while re-watching Season 1 of Once Upon a Time, but he's done and ready for All Hallow's Eve!
His pumpkin head is all rust pindot fabric instead of a medley of coordinating materials.  All the yoyos are lovely mellow rusty pumpkin shades instead of the bright oranges and golds the pattern called for.  (His truly mellow colors would probably show had I photographed him amidst fall leaves or against the pile of straw instead of the remains of the green beans and petunias.  Live and learn.) 

His eyes, nose and mouth were supposed to be black.  Soooo not gonna happen...he needed to look lit up from within. Do you tweak patterns to put your own stamp on them?  I'm constantly tinkering to "improve" things. 

I'm happy that I also decided to weight his hands and feet with rice so he can pose instead of flopping around.
I didn't spend a dime on him.  I love it when a project uses up my stash. I even got to use some orange crochet thread that I thrifted which worked perfectly to string the yoyo arms and legs as well as contour the pumpkin sections.

I had such fun making him that when I put in the final stitch I was totally surprised it was midnight!



  1. Oh he is so cute!! I love it.Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Don't I get any credit for giving the pattern to Mom to give to you?!!!! I have had it for years and wanted to make the spider for you, but came to the realization that, with all that is happening, that would never come to pass. Your pumpkin is delightful!

    1. Credit, shmedit! Now I know who to blame for involving me in yet another project! (I might have to try that spider sometime. The stem on the jack is what I love most and it looks like the spider legs would turn out that way.)

  3. He is so cute! I love that you can make him pose!