Monday, November 12, 2012

Heroes for Freedom


They enlisted and served in WWII and Korea.  They left behind a familiar world and did their best to preserve a way of life based on freedom.  Meanwhile sweethearts and mothers prayed and waited for precious letters.

It's not so different today.  There are still men and women who are far from home, striving to spread the blessings of liberty in alien lands.  And there are still families hoping for an email or a phone call from their loved ones.

And there will be soldiers and sailors and airmen who will have to leave their homes in centuries to come, unfortunately, although I wish I could believe human beings could learn to co-exist peacefully.

We owe them a lot, all those warriors over the years.  Thank you to everyone who served or is serving now.  Thank you to all their families.

With appreciation on this Veterans Day and year around,

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