Thursday, October 31, 2013

October Thirty-first

Ah, my pretty, we've been waiting for you to drop by.
We've saved some special treats for you.

Don't let the zombie scare you away.
  He's just cranky from eating too many candy brains.  Kinda like the kindergartners will be tomorrow.  That's much scarier than any zombie apocalypse.

Our pumpkins get tricked out fancier every year, but this is one jack o'lantern pattern I won't be repeating--it was the hardest one I've ever attempted even though it was rated Moderate instead of Challenging.  I mighta kinda sorta winged it after I'd transferred the pattern when I couldn't figure out if the dots were to the eyes, mouth or hair.
It did come out cute though. 

Cute is allowable on All Hallow's Eve, right?

Speaking of cute, I can never decide which I like more: the little toddlers in costume (naturally I gave milk chocolate to the one in the sweet cow costume) or the middle schoolers (twins who were in my class many moons ago) who are still having fun dressing up and going door-to-door.  I know some folks think the big kids should stay home but the operative word for me is "kids".  I think we should all enjoy every bit of childhood while we can!  

Maybe I'm just a grown-up kid at heart, said the girl who dressed up like Dorothy, ruby slippers and Toto included.

(No maybe about it, actually.)

I hope you enjoyed your trick-or-treaters as much as we did.  And that you have enough candy left for you to enjoy, but not so much that you regret your lack of self-control.

Bring joy,


  1. I love your cut outs and your pumpkins. You did some complicated ones. Our trick or treat was cancelled and rescheduled for Sunday. Bad storms last night.
    I agree, It is so hard when the big kids get too big to go out on Beggars night.
    I like cute.....not zombie ones.
    Happy Halloween

  2. You did an amazing job on that pumpkin! Our Halloween was kind of a bust this year. Hardly any kids. More and more kids are just doing school and church events around here and not going out at night. We didn't even get any teenagers and we always get a bunch of those!