Thursday, March 06, 2014

Top Ten Signs of Spring in the Garden

I'm so ready for springtime!  We had hopes for a normal winter back in December when we were shoveling snow.  But after months of waiting for something (anything) to fall from the skies, I've given up.  We in the western states are facing yet another drought year.  The little spring showers that have suddenly appeared are better than nothing but they are not the same as a healthy snowpack melting into our reservoirs.

Spring-like weather has arrived--a full month earlier than usual, courtesy of the weather gods.  Who am I to argue?

And how can I disagree with these springtime markers that have arrived in my yard:

10. Green grass. Suddenly you look out your kitchen window and realize that a color other than brownish-tan exists again.

9. Incipient rhubarb leaves.  They're curled up like plump sleepy green puppies but one day soon they'll unfurl and begin to stretch toward the sunlight.

8. Swelling buds. Teensy green points of hope on the cutleaf lilac by the pond.

7. Pond housekeeping.  The water just warm enough to gather up old leaves for the compost heap without freezing my fingers in thirty seconds.

6.  Blue violets.  Trusty bloomers come sunshine or snow.  Now I remember why I keep them around.

5.  White violets.  Time to declare war on these persistent varmints for yet another year.  You know it's really spring when you have an actual, gotta-do-it-right-now garden chore!

4.  Primroses.  Pink and yellow and red and blue--neighbors come and ask if they're real.  Yes, they are.

3.  Crocuses.  Yellows and whites and striped purples.  Ahhh, striped purples--does it get any better?

2.  Mini iris.  Such a vivid shade of color as they unsuccessfully hide amidst the daffodils.

1.  Daffodils.  A daily greeting from the minis as I walk up to our front porch.

Was it just a few weeks ago that I froze on my morning walks?  Now each morning brings new delights--our little corner of the Sierra is waking up to birdsong and sunshine!  (If I'm not mistaken, I get to add the first hyacinths of the season blooming tomorrow!)


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  1. wow, there really is hope for Spring! Love all you bloomin' flowers. We've had 5 inches of rain so far this week and expect another 3 by the end of the weekend...gah.

    1. If only we could all divide it up, Joanne--you get a bit of sun and me a bit of rain!

  2. What a pretty garden, setting the stage for a beautiful upcoming spring, with those dramatic crocuses and delicate daffodils, and all the other dainty delights! Thanks for sharing the signs, we're all waiting for ours to make themselves known, too!


    1. The crocuses get prettier each day--my mom has gorgeous deep purple ones blooming right now. I'm jealous!

  3. Oh, spring seems so far off where we're at. We still have more than a foot of snow on the ground, with cold weather seeming like it will continue on. Looking forward to gardening though!

    1. I wish I could trade some of our sunshine for some of your snow. Hang in there--the snow can't last forever!

  4. Oh So Sweet! I just love your signs of spring. :) You have such a beautiful garden. Thank you for joining in for FCF! :)
    I'm so glad you did!

    1. Liz, thanks for hosting and for getting me off my patootie and actually posting! (Still dreaming about your tulips.)

  5. I enjoy seeing crocuses and primroses….such cute harbingers of spring!

    Linking from Rose Vignettes,
    Ricki Jill