Monday, August 11, 2014

Playing With Wood: Christmas in July

Yes, I know Christmas is in December, but I worked on these in July.  Happens every year--I finish a holiday project or two. In July.  Go figure. 

When it's hot outside, it's nice to have some small, easy, stress-free projects to work on.  And all three of these came under the "playing with wood" category.

First I painted a teensy frame red for this cross-stitched Santa that my SIL sent as our Christmas card for 2013.  I didn't realize that Santa's bag was purple before.  Who knew?!

Then I happened to be cleaning my workroom of clutter at the same time that I was browsing my Pinterest boards.  The result was these penguins created from the three little unpainted wooden flower pots that had just been sitting around awaiting inspiration.

  Love'em.  Wouldn't they be even cuter wearing little scarves?  I'll get on that.

Next.   I bought an unpainted laser-cut tree at Joann's last October.

Inspired by Jeri Lander's scherenschnitte (of which I proudly own a framed piece), I painted a tree of Life.  Not that I'm anywhere in Jeri's league, but her art makes me happy and so does this little piece.

Am I the only one who mixes up December and July?

The comments section turned up other Christmas-minded blogging friends.  Including a party at Journey Back!


  1. I like to watch Christmas movies in July.....does that count. Cute projects. One has to stay cool. Love your new banner.

    1. Now I have a yen to watch Elf, Debby!

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  3. No your not! Come and visit my Count Down To Christmas. The new linky starts tomorrow!
    I came over from your comment at Sweet Cottage Dreams. I love your dog! I'll hang around and visit.
    I would love for you to come and link!

    1. Oh, goody! You gave me a really good excuse for my post--see you tomorrow at the link up!

  4. I love Christmas in July but I don't really do much anymore to get ahead of the game. Love the little penguins.

  5. I like your worked on these in July for Christmas. Yes I know Happens every year--your finish a holiday project or two. In July it's a great idea .
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  6. Hi, thank you for linking! It's up all week so please link any time. Feel free to pull out an old post or photos. BTW I love your dog. I think she is related to mine. She's is big black and hairy!
    Have a great Wednesday.

  7. Those penguins are super cute and yes they would look adorable with scarves! You're so right, it is nice to have some small stress free projects to work on when it's hot out!