Friday, February 06, 2015

Friday Favorite - Always Good Kharma

There's nothing better than the dog at your side.

 Especially if she's your heart dog--a smart blonde, enthusiastic, smart, loving border collie cross who knows how to climb your apple tree for a snack. 

Or makes you smile when she positions herself perfectly to catch any stray tidbits that might drop when you cook dinner.

And lays her head with exactly the perfect amount of pressure on your lap as you dine just so you know she's there.  And makes you refer to a Frisbee as the "f" word so she doesn't know what you're talking about.  Who loves walks and swimming in lakes (creeks, rivers, ditches).

Who was the cutest puppy ever with her sweet little pink paws and tummy.

Today we are celebrating Kharma's ninth birthday with special meaty treats, a trip to the pasture for some frisbee, and as much love and appreciation as we can possibly show to our wonderful pup.

 It seems like yesterday...

There is nothing quite as special as the dog at my side.


  1. She deserves a wonderful Birthday party, just for being herself. Dogs are the best.She can get her own apple snack from the tree? What a gal! And Beautiful too....and a Blond! We don"t worry about the F word here with our dogs... just the D word:BONE

    1. Kharma climbs the apple tree to pick any we leave behind. Peaches on the ground are fair game, apparently, and both dogs've finally learned to de-pit them BEFORE they eat them. And of course the pups love stealing anything from the chickens--sibling rivalry, I think! Naturally, when we buy meat and it has a bone, that's a plus!

  2. Happy birthday Kharma! Here's to many more years to you, you beautiful blonde girl! :)