Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Magic Fingers

It's now a new ungrade for all beds in west Reno. We brush our teeth, climb into bed and the Magic Fingers feature begins for us.

I think this might be the beta version though, because there are a few kinks. So it's time for consumer reviews.

  • From pogonip in West Reno: At first it was kind of exciting to lie in bed
    and feel the vibrations. it was like being on vacation but we didn't have
    to feed quarters into a machine. Now we think it's just to unpredictable
    since we don't have control of when the Magic Fingers begin. We've been
    woken up from a sound sleep several times. Some of the shakes are strong
    and some are gentle. Some provide a nice rocking motions, other a
    disconcerting jolt. Some last for a reasonable time and some are way too
    long for comfort. We wouldn't recommend Mother Nature's Magic Fingers to
    Rating: one-half star (out of five).

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  1. In the south end of town we're not able to feel any of them!

  2. That's what my mom keeps saying. At least I know what direction to go if I need a good night's sleep!