Saturday, April 12, 2008


My new favorite color combination: pink and blue

Come late September (with a little help from the bees, a minimum of snow on the blossoms and a ruthless culling process), we'll be harvesting peaches.

Peaches bigger than a baseball. Peaches so ripe that the skin just about falls off. Gourmet peaches. Incredible peaches that are completely organic. Peaches warm off the tree. Peaches I share with my neighbors and co-workers because we can't possibly eat all of them ourselves. Early Elbertas that have the best peach flavor in the fruit universe.

Whoops! I think my taste buds briefly hijacked my post. Because what I really want to say is...

Even if we didn't get one single peach, the blossoms against that blue blue sky would be beauty enough for me!


  1. Nice blooms! Mum says she used to have peach trees in her yard growing up. Hmmmm...wonder if I can eat peaches - they sound good! Woofs, Johann

  2. Any favorite recipes for peach cobbler? The photo is lovely, at first I thought it was a dogwood tree. You can see how environmentally challenged I am. Peaches, juicy peaches - a blessing in your backyard. Be sure to invite me for dessert.