Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wild Horses

What to do with out of town guests who have already been to Tahoe, Truckee, the Donner Memorial, Virginia City and the Auto Museum...take them to the Wild Horse Adoption Facility up in Palomino Valley!

There's a lady to suit every taste. Do you like redheads or brunettes? Blondes? Short or tall? Bold and brassy or shy and sweet? Here's just one of the corrals filled with mares. My cousin is partial to blue roans (greys to most of you) and I love the chestnuts with cream manes and tails. But then along came this curious little pony-sized creature who tried to steal my heart. They are all gorgeous girls!
The Wild Horse Adoption Program has come a long way since it started. It's gotten creative. Some centers have special weekend adoption events. There are horse shows exclusive for mustangs who've been adopted into new homes. Some horses are trained by inmates in local prisons. There is even a trainers' challenge (sort of a Extreme Makeover for horses) to see how much a yearling can learn in a couple of months.

We didn't plan it, but Spring is a great time to go tour the facility. Spring and babies just go together and there's nothing cuter than a little brush-tail.

Except maybe a couple of fillies that we could see up close and personal.

For all their beauty, they are very wild and untamed. We made them more than a little nervous. What a huge leap of faith to adopt and care for such wonderful critters.

Maybe someday I'll make that leap. I'm adding it to my life list.


  1. One of my goals is life is to own a horse one day. If that ever happens, I hope I can adopt one!

  2. They are beautiful! I've never been around horses much, but I think I would like the tamer ones! Or maybe I would like the wild ones, like me?

    Thanks for stopping by with the words of encouragement for my Mum, she liked it a lot.

    Woofs, johann

  3. Gorgeous pics. I absolutely love them.

    Where are you? No new blog entries for awhile...