Saturday, April 19, 2008

Woof Arf Aroo

Translation from Kharma-speak: Two Year Anniversary

But my title would be Love At First Sight

I remember how glad I was to find our sweet little blonde puppy after so much searching.

My sweetie remembers how glad he was that he didn't have to drive to Corona CA after all to see this sweet little girl. She was named Dayna and I would have made begged asked him drive 400 miles down and 400 miles back to get her if Kharma hadn't been waiting closer to home.

Kharma has truly been the easiest puppy we've ever had. We had a grand total of three bathroom accidents in the house while we were housebreaking. She never chewed up any of our shoes or garden tools or dug up expensive plants. (We will be replacing the drip irrigation system in our backyard before the summer heat arrives, but we chalked that little lapse up to the influence of her BFF across the street.)

It was just about this time of evening that we finished up the paperwork, figured out how to assemble the borrowed crate, and loaded her into our Forester for the trip home. Two years have never passed more quickly. Sweet, sweet memories.

She filled the void left by our dear Tess, created her own identity and claimed her own corner of our hearts. She's our baby, our little girl, our pride and joy.

We love you, Kharma.

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  1. Aww, what a sweet story. And she knows how to play to a camera. Really good kharma (sorry, couldn't resist).