Sunday, June 14, 2009

Are You My Mother?

Yes, apparently.

This is East. He fell out of his nest under our roof tiles, rolled off the roof below and landed on the brick walkway. I rescued him (or her?) since he was a nestling: fledged, but unable to fly. And I'm not able to get him back into his nest.

He's eating soaked, minced dog food because that's what the Google search told me.

See that tan blob where I spilled some? He's a messy eater and I'm a novice birdmom.(Don't ask what the green pile is.)

I feed him with the rabbit end of the child's spoon. His box is outside an upstairs window, right below his real nest, with birdseed sprinkled around it. Neither he nor the birdseed has enticed his parents to resume feeding him.

I just hate parents that shirk their duties.

He spent last night inside, safe from thunderstorms, cuddled in a cozy blue towel, with my heating pad over him for warmth.

I am his slave.


  1. What a good doobie you are! Don't get too attached though, soon you'll have an empty nest. :)