Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Finally! Summer vacation is here (giant sigh of relief)!

My first summer activity was a walk with Kharma to the pasture, but we'd no sooner stepped out the door than our daily thunderstorm began. We made it all the way to the corner before turning back. We had some rainy-day fun revisiting rusty tricks and working on new behaviors in the garage instead.

So, if I couldn't enjoy a nice long dog-hike and I couldn't play in the garden without getting soaked...hmmmm, must be a craft day! I cut out my dinosaur vest and started sewing, then grabbed some of the sunflower-yellow fabric scraps and began cutting out circles for future yo-yos.

Tomorrow's goals: set up my traditional summer morning walks-with-the-neighbors and grab the batteries from the re-charger so I can start posting photos again.

I feel light-hearted and free. Anything is possible and I get to set my own schedule for the next couple months.

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  1. Sign. I think I need to become a teacher so I can have summer vacations again. The freedom sounds divine. :)