Friday, June 12, 2009

My Front Porch

Come sit awhile. The pillows are out on the wicker chairs for the summer. The end-of-school mum (yellow, naturally!) is watered and the Nelly Moser clematis is blooming. I have a note to tie up that extra long branch that is peeking over the chair. It would look really nice framing the porch instead. Somehow that's one garden chore that keep getting put off.

Just ignore the plastic bags. They're three bottles of radiator fluid from Erkie-pie's truck that need to be recycled. He hasn't taken them yet, so I suppose I'll have to find time next week. My porch will look nicer, of course, but better yet Mother Earth will be happier! We highly recommend to find a location near you to recycle everything from auto fluids to CFL bulbs!

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  1. I want to sit a spell and relax...take a load off and chat. :)