Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Surprise Ending

I knew it could be reused when I fished this trellis out of the trash last summer. It flopped around my yard for an entire year, blown by the winds, tolerated by my neighbors as it sadly leaned against our mutual fence.
I didn't know I'd paint it apple green on the spur of the moment or that it would reside in the front of our cottage when it proved too tall for the back fence.
I liked the look; the clematis loved the support. I started getting excited when the first buds began to appear.
The final result is even better than my expectations. Soon it will have blossoms all the way up.And each year the clematis will produce more blooms than the year before until the apple green trellis disappears under the lush growth. My optimistic habit of believing treasures can be found in other people's trash doesn't always work out. But once in a while, I surprise even myself!

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