Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Trash Trellis

I found this trellis on the curb last summer on trash day. I thought the Queen Mother might find it useful for one of her many vines that were fast getting out of hand. Unfortunately, it's so big that it wouldn't fit in my Forester, so it stayed at my house throughout the winter.It had a few issues, the worst being that one of the verticals broke off near the top. And yes, it needed repainting.

So I scrapped off the flaky old paint and painted it a soft apple green. I solved the broken vertical problem by simply cutting off the matching vertical on the other side to make it symmetrical.
Then I nailed it up along my front walk and twined a few branches of the Jackmanii clematis through it. I just love the apple green color I used. It's so much more fun than plain white! The clematis is very happy to finally have a real trellis to climb and I can hardly wait for the buds to open into huge showy purple blossoms.

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