Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Adventures in Green Land

This year's Aha! moment in Oregon: I discovered that it's possible to eat too many blueberries. I love bluets but I've always had to make them last until the next Costco run. Then we discovered this u-pick berry farm that advertises all you can eat. I ate my way all the way down to the end of this row and then I couldn't look a blueberry in the face for two days. I've since recovered.

A visit to the Queen of Tarte's sale was high on my list of things-to-do. Anyone who greets me with flowers always ranks high with me.This lace-cap hydrangea right outside the barn entrance was the prettiest I've ever seen.

Behind this curtain is the most Zsa-Zsa barn in existence, where the Queen sells everything from raw silk pillowcases and a plethora of chandeliers to old birdcages and vintage lace. Everything oozed creativity in that way that inspires rather than intimidates. To one side was the bargain area where we found a candelabra for three bucks and a woodframe window for five. Love it!

But this was my favorite. It wasn't enough that they provided inspiration and bargains, they also lured us with sweets. Look at the texture--can't you just taste that lemon? Mmmmmmmm.Fabulous!

Oregon makes my eyes feel like they are bleeding green, but I've gotta say there are compensations.

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  1. That cake looks awesome!

    I used to do the same thing when strawberry picking. I would pick one, eat one. By the time I had a bushel I would be sick off of all the berries I had eaten.