Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wild Life

I love my garden and I love taking photos of my flowers. Sometimes I have unintended subjects in the frame. Like this hard worker...You'd think she was impossible to miss but I didn't know she was there 'cause I wasn't wearing my glasses.

Flies of course are always where you don't want them:I know the photo is topsy-turvy; it's just the way I was holding the camera and forgot to correct the orientation after I downloaded it. Mea culpa (that's Latin for "my bad").

I just downloaded some photos and found that bugs had snuck into my pictures yet again:I had a good excuse on this shot though. This hollyhock is a good two feet taller than me and I was holding my camera above my head.

This little ladybug was residing on my Moonstone rose:She's welcome there as long as she feasts on any aphids she finds (I haven't seen even one sucking the lifeblood out of this rosebush so she must be doing a good job).

Swallowtails just love purple flowers, I've observed--my Dame's Rocket, purple coneflower and even little violas all attract them:He's one visitor that I intentionally took a photo of.

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  1. I love ladybugs. They are the only bug that don't make me shudder. Although butterflies are nice too. Especially their kisses. :)