Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A Snow Day

Brace yourselves, America, a storm is on its way. That ten degree morning temperature now seems almost tropical. My nose hairs gave that subzero twitch when I scraped away the last bit of snow from our driveway this morning. Brrrr. And another bitterly cold night in store before we get a little warmup. (Yeah, yeah, I know, all the Alaskans and Canadians are laughing at me calling minus two "bitterly cold". You're entitled--I do the same thing when the Calfornians start moaning about twenty degree nights freezing their pipes.)

It snowed for thirty solid hours. Just little flakes, but one after another after another--until fourteen inches were piled on every surface around our cottage. Our Christmas tree took on a new look while awaiting its move inside.
A day earlier it looked like this. It's really the same tree, honest!
Our outdoor furniture got new seat cushions courtesy of Jack Frost and Father Winter.
My favorite new garden accessories are the gnome hats that magically appeared on every solar lantern.That's Lilypad Pond hiding back there under a layer of snow and ice. Somewhere Nemo and his buds are wondering who turned out the lights on their pond.

Silly us, we didn't stock up before the storm so we're short on veggies. Thankfully, I never lack for projects. This gingerbread man is the first in my holiiday series of redwork embroidery and thanks to a snow day and a half at school, I was able to get a nice start.I sat in a sunny window and stitched away. I coulda shoulda been doing something else, but my little gingerbread man is my reward for not pigging out at breakfast.

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  1. I love how your gingerbread man looks worried, like he knows he is going to get eaten. :)