Friday, March 19, 2010

Dear Ennablers

If it's Friday then it must be time for another trip to my Habitat ReStore. I dropped by during lunch today; hopeful that they had more donations on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday which I'd get a chance to look'em over before the weekend crowds arrive. I love the thrill of the hunt!

Your encouraging comments last week about the "ones that got away" left me laughing. You are now officially Bad Influences on my wallet and the cleanliness of my garage. Thanks to you, I'm now the proud owner of this extremely homely unloved metal mailbox which still happened to be available (either because no one else had vision or because the price tag had come off).  Said mailbox has been scrubbed, sanded, primed and wet-sanded in preparation for paint tomorrow.
It's at that stage where it's soooo ugly I might be wondering why I bought it. But then I look at that cute scallop on the lid that's just begging for some red paint and I can almost see pristine white paint with a red cherry decal...
I'm  too impatient to wait for the perfect decal so I'll tole paint cherries instead--better for an outside installation anyway.  Won't it be cute hanging on the fence with my garden gloves inside and tools hanging from the hooks?!


  1. Always humming3/20/2010 10:06 AM

    Do you know that you can buy decal sheets for your printer to make your own? So if you have the perfect image, you are in business!

  2. I can totally picture it and it is going to be adorable! :) You really really need to open up an Etsy shop. You could make a killing.

  3. it will be darling on the garden gate.... why didn't I think of that!