Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Shutter Weather

Our windy, cold, I'd-rather-be-inside-sewing spring weather finally turned balmy, just in time for us to enjoy Memorial Day weekend!

I've been yearning for months to finish painting my $1 ReStore shutters, add hinges and finally set them outside.  Patience is not my strong point--enthusiasm is!

They are both apple-green now and I discovered a pair of hinges that will work for them. Not the clover-leaf hinges I'm dreaming of (I'll still be on the lookout)...still, the shutters will be usable as a screen until my perfect vintage hardware appears.
I can hardly wait to see them nestled behind the wicker chairs, terra cotta bunnies and blooming containers on our front porch!


  1. Shutters look great. Looking forward to seeing the hinges :) I keep hoping for balmy weather here!!!

  2. What a great accent....vibrant summer color!