Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Baker's Dozen

Look what greeted me when I opened the fridge to look for dinner fixings after our flight home.  Lots and lots of eggs!
Don't you love Rita's mini egg? (It's the fifth from the left in the back row.) It barely pokes up out of the egg holder!  Rita was the smallest chick by far, so I'm not surprised she was the last one to start laying.  Her hey-I-laid-an-egg cackle is more of an oh-my-gosh-look-what-just-came-out cluck!  The other three Bombshells were not impressed with her fuss.  I, however, am completely impressed with their collective egg-laying capacity.

The Big Guy was in charge of livestock while we were away and was regularly reporting how many eggs he would find each day. He found it a challenge to use them fast enough. That's a problem I was happy to come home too.  Smoothies, neighbors and the Queen Mother are our current solutions.

I think I need to paint a "Fresh Eggs 4 Sale" to hang below our Meadowsweet Cottage sign!  Oddly enough, I just happen to have a signboard in the garage that's ready to paint...

Proud chicken mama,


  1. okay, I am having serious egg envy! smoothies?? how do you make them?

  2. The tiny egg would be hard for me to eat...seeing as the little cutie seems so very proud of her accomplishment. Well done little chicks!

  3. What a gold mine! Organic eggs at the farmers' market sell for $5 a dozen. Since yours are smaller, maybe not so much, but still! Way to go, girls!

  4. Who knew you could turn a profit from your bombshells! How wonderful!

    I thought of you today. We are leaving on our trip to my hubby's hometown soon and they have the best antique store there. I love to just poke around. Will have to be careful about what I buy since I would have to ship it or fly it home. :)

  5. Smoothies--miscellaneous fruit, an egg (yes, raw!), some water or fruit juice--blend well and enjoy.