Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Impressive! Outstanding! Huge!  It's impossible to describe the size and impact of my brand-new perennial hibiscus adequately.   I guess I'd better let the photo speak for itself.
The blossoms last only one day, but they overshadow everything else in the garden while they bloom.

We were exiled to SoCal for thirteen long years--at least I got to dabble in semi-tropical plants while we were there.  We had three carefully chosen hibiscus that were thrilling to watch bloom.  Our new Strawberry Swirl is cold-hardy to minus 30--no tropical tendencies except for the gorgeous blossoms.

Just a side note to visitors from Jami's Tuesday Garden Party...

I do actually have veggies too--golden zukes, cherry tomatoes, blueberries (okay, so they're a fruit), onions, potatoes, etc.--but they are lowly pawns.  All hail the hibiscus queen!


  1. Beautiful flower. I love your new look.

  2. Gorgeous!! All hail the queen indeed! I wish I could ever grow such beautiful hibiscus. I have never had great luck. What's your secret?

  3. What a lovely flower! I have a hibiscus, but it is not blooming yet--later in August. Your blossom is larger than mine produces, it appears!

  4. I wonder if hibiscus would grow in Southern Iowa - if it's hardy to -30 I might just have a chance! They are gorgeous!

  5. Wow! I need one of those. Minus 30! That means I could have it here. I'll have to look for one.

  6. Got to get me one of those! Thanks for sharing at the Tuesday Garden Party.