Monday, August 16, 2010

Future Eggs 4 Sale

Although I'll take a dozen fresh brown eggs when I visit the Queen Mother this morning, I know I'll come home to four even fresher eggs. The Bombshells are laying fools! Right now, we're keeping up with their production via scrambled eggs and deserving neighbors who chicksit and provide yummies for our girls.

But the day will soon come when we'll need to hang up our official "shingle" announcing we have eggs for sale. I wasn't kidding when I said I had a spare signboard thanks to the Habitat ReStore.  (Ignore the unfinished chicken feeder and the paint destined to transform Kharma's unpainted doghouse into a charming abode and the glass pumpkin waiting for a faux mercury glass spray job.  So many little time.)
You may think of it as a drawer front, I think of it as a sign-in-waiting. Ummm, do you think I may have been planning this all along?

Of course what should the sign say:  Eggs 4 Sale? Fresh Eggs? Fresh Eggs 4 Sale? Fresh Eggs Today? Fresh Organic Free-Range Brown Eggs? Ack! Too many possibilities.

Avoiding brain overload, I seized the excuse to audition fonts (I'm a font addict) to complement the script used on our Meadowsweet Cottage sign. Some were too heavy. Some were too modern. I settled on Accord Light. It's easy to read and fairly lightweight. Somehow the simplicity of just plain old "Fresh Eggs" turned out to be the right choice with the font. What do you think?
I think it fills the space well, but is too large compared to the size and delicacy of the Meadowsweet font.

I printed up another mock-up, this time reducing the size a bit.  Me likee.
I'll stretch out the space between the two words, but I think I've got a winner.  I'll print it out in "outline" and transfer it onto my sign blank.  Then guess what I'll be doing this afternoon?  I might not need it for a while, but it'll be ready when I do!


p.s. "Fresh" begins to look misspelled and very strange when you type it over and over different fonts.  Just saying.


  1. I am impressed and eggcited (had to do it) to hear how the selling progresses.

    I just ordered 25- day old chicks... I think it's time to stop:) At least until spring!

  2. This is so cool! I wonder how many people you will get just popping by to get some Fresh Eggs? :)

  3. Your signs are beautiful! When you have eggs to sale, shout me an email, I am in yourneck of the woods.

  4. "Fresh Eggs" says it all. My lovely bombshells are laying like crazy as well, but the eggs are teeny tiny pink jobs. I let a broody hen hatch a few of them, and they are perfectly normal lil chicks. But I wonder, are your girls eggs itty bitty or normal size? ( sounds like a weird question!)

  5. Thank you for stopping by, I was looking thru your blog and stopped here because I love it and want to know how you transferred the letters. You said you printed in outline and then transferred, how did you do that and then the cute little flowers, and how did you fill in the letters? it is just darling.

    Don't be afraid to rent a booth space, usually they are only month to month, so it is not a huge commitment. Holler if you have any questions.