Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Little Comment Love

I love comments. We bloggers ALL love comments. They reassure us that someone out there is not only listening but also enjoyed a post.

I love comments so much that I don't make anyone prove they're human not a bot. Fortunately, no trolls have lurked beneath any of my blogospheric bridges and I've seldom been subjects to spam attacks.

I do get the occasional "Anonymous" commenter who's completely off topic. I admit to enjoying their somewhat fractured- but-still-understandable English essays on Acne or Web Hosting and I feel a bit guilty for sending them to the circular file.

Guilty enough that after I deleted Mr. Acne, I decided to share a little bit from Ms. Web Hosting with you...

"companies contribute space on a server for take via their clients as artistically as the internet accessibility required to bag on the web."
  I think web hosting should be artistically accomplished and I want to know how to bag on the web.

(Truly I'm not poking fun at anyone, my Francais is barely passable and I am in awe of the English-speaking abilities of my Turkish, Serbian, Spanish, and Chinese friends.  I feel completely uneducated in comparison)

"So how do you grasp what to use and who to take it from?"  No language problem here, just go for the throat and the quick kill, standard business operating procedure.
"The earliest item you want to settle on is if you want a Windows web manageress or a linux trap host."  Getting a little kinky here.

 "However if you eat unambiguous software..."  Mom always told me to watch my diet.

" If you demand a sphere prestige.." I'd love to have me some.

"A very trendy election."  No thought needed, just vote for the trendiest candidate.  Convenient.

And a little comment on karma in Webland...if you demand some participation and scorn a database you will then distress. No. Kidding.

I appreciate Blogspot's free services, but I  guess there are other options..."There are also varied other freebies convenient such as instinctive hand (software) swearing-in. Blogger needs to seriously consider this, don't you think? 

And finally..."It is important to do your homework to bump into uncover the first lone with a view your website."  I couldn't have said it better myself.

Probably some computerized translation program generated these gems.  I prefer to think of an English teacher in another hemishere requiring his/her students to write an essay or attempt a conversation via a blog comment with this charming but fractured result.  

Anonymously yours,


  1. Funny. I have been getting some interesting comments lately too. For awhile I changed to no anonymous comments/registered only and then recently went back to an open format and now 2 comments in as many days?? How do you have your comments set up? Oh, and I don't use the captcha(sp?).

  2. I think you are one of my only commentors since I moved my blog. I plan on trying to tackle this issue upon my return from vacation. :)

  3. Ha ha! I just realized how you labeled me in your sidebar, I love it! :)

  4. Gosh, this is so funny! I love your take on things!

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  6. And two months later I get Pandora spammenting on a post about spammenters! Ah, the irony. Do you suppose that they're really in the U.K.? Do you think that spammenting increases the hits from a webcrawler and moves them higher? Do you suppose I enjoyed removing this exact same spamment from ten of my other posts?

    Alas, it's just one of the hazards of blogging.