Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Now Harvesting

The hot weather finally paid some dividends!

See, my garden does have something other than flowers in it--like Gold Rush zucchini.
There's no way I can miss these babies growing so I end up with fewer gigantic zucchini. Although this year I could use them--the Bombshells apparently love the blimp-sized squash from our neighbor.

These little cherry tomatoes have successfully hidden from our tomato-seeking missile (aka Sophia).
We have some yellow mini-pear tomatoes coming on too. They always remind me of being a kid in the summer so I usually call them "Bug Light" tomatoes. Sounds yummy, right? (Do they even make yellow bulbs for porch lights anymore?) Sadly the Black Krim heirloom tomato doesn't have one flower on it much less a tomato.

And ya gotta love volunteers. Obviously there was one at least one tomato that didn't get picked last year. I'll have to look back in my garden journal, but I think these are Early Girls.
My pickling cukes are starting to climb and blossom. The butternut squash vine has possibilities--I'm dreaming of delicious winter soup everytime I see it.

Come join the Tuesday Garden Party at An Oregon Cottage (where Jami's already planning her fall garden) to see what's happening in gardens around the country.

That's my veggie tale and I'm stickin' to it,


  1. I love zucchinis, but I don't grow them (don't have enough space). But I get a lot of them from my mom's garden. Your tomatoes look nice.

  2. Don't you love surprises? I didn't plant any lemon cukes this year, but I love them... wouldn't you know I found a plant mixed in with my picklers; makes me happy.

    I'll keep the tomatoes on the down low:)

  3. The harvest is coming in late this year all over the country, but at least we are finally getting to reap the rewards of our hard work! Your tomatoes look scrumptious!

  4. Your tomatoes are looking wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I've not heard of Gold Rush zucchini before, but they are very pretty. And ripe tomatoes--well done! I am probably a couple of weeks away from that stage, but I am craving them already! But the bush beans continue apace.

  6. Awww your tomatoes look great! Yummm!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I grow gold rush zucch, too, and I like that they are so easy to find. I like the color on kabobs as well. But you know what? I found they don't produce the moistness I'm used to in baked goods like the green ones, so I always plant a green one for those type of goodies.

    Thanks for sharing this at the Garden Party!

  8. We love zucchini, I'm planning on frying some for dinner tonite.
    I'd love for you to join us on Weekend Warriors.
    I host a different linky party everyday.
    Come Party With Us!