Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm Not A Solo Sailor

Every Friday night I scour craigslist for garage sales. And every Saturday I stay home instead and wonder what treasures I missed out on. It turns out I can't make myself go garage sale-ing solo. Thank heavens for summer because my young walking partner loves yard sales too!

That said, we didn't find much to set our hearts a-flutter today. Three hours and we came home with a whopping two items each. Sad, isn't it? I do better at Goodwill.  And the ReStore.

Two posts in one day and not a picture to be found.  What's up with that?  You guessed it!  My camera batteries are recharging.  That's okay with me--photos of my air gap and the replacement shovel I found for the Queen Mother aren't exactly inspiring!

Here are our true finds:

The best quote of the day, 
" 'Antiques and collectibles' are code for 'really expensive.' "

Second-best quote (and good advice for anyone having a yard sale):
  "What people are asking for something and what they actually sell it for are two different things."


  1. I wish I had time for strolling garage sales and too wonder what treasures I might find.

  2. Oh, I would go with you!! I'm the same way... want to go, don't and wonder why I didn't and what I missed!
    Actually a few weeks ago post op my husband was feeling like he had to do things for me [but not make me dinner the night of surgery or help A with homework?] and we hit a couple sales and I cleaned up! 2 tables [one large with leaves, the other a small side table now a dog bed], several baskets incl. a covered picnic basket, a rooster boot scraper, and some blue and white china [not valuable but cheap and cheerful] and a lamp. I think I spent $50 total. Good day!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog about accepting compliments- I think I can use that phrase 'I'm glad you like it'... honest, and still not beating my chest with 'look how great I am!' which has never been my style.

  3. I knew we were kindred spirits! I LOVE garage/yard/moving sales! I can find the coolest things. Problem is my husband works so late it is hard getting him up to go with me in the morning. And it is more fun to go with someone. So I usually bribe him with pancakes and a nap upon our return. :)