Friday, February 01, 2013

My Little Valentine

I'm a long-distance grandmother.  Doting...but way too far away.  So you can bet I cuddled Miss Rosie Rosebud, sang lullabies, changed diapers, pushed the stroller, and carried her around as much as possible on their first trip to see us.  We let her play with her Daddy's baby toys, pound on the toy piano that her great-aunt used, and fed her in the wooden high chair that's now serving a third generation.  In other words, I used every available moment to store up memories that will have to last until the next baby fix--hopefully Spring Break will find us at Casa Encantada once again.

Babies change daily and over the six months since we've seen her, she's changed from a newborn to a little person.  Oh, how I wish we were closer so we could absorb every little change!

Please put up with me for just a bit as I share my favorite memories from their recent visit. I spent my time reveling in our Rosebud instead of taking a zillion photos.  And since I'm the designated photographer, there's not one single photo of her and I together from this trip.  A mistake I won't make on the next visit!

  • There's a dimple in her right cheek. 
  •  She's still the queen of farts.  It's not as ladylike as a burp, but then burps aren't very feminine either.
  • Her socks fall off less than a minute after you put them on.  Thank heavens for tights.
  • If you eat in front of her without offering her a taste, she gives you the most offended look possible.
  • She has the bestest big sister in the universe.
  • The end of the turkey baster makes a pretty good binkie/toy.
  • I'm sure it's just coincidence that she usually spits up on you if you're wearing black but not if you wear tan or some spit-loving neutral color.  
  • I suspect she'll love roller coasters since she adores it when her Daddy gives her upside-down rides or giant side-to-side sways or rocket launches up near the ceiling.  
  • She somehow recognizes her Grandpa even from far away and gives him a special just-for-Grandpa smile.  
  • She's entranced with Mickey's Clubhouse and you can bet we're already thinking Disneyland.
  • On the other hand, her little lips quiver and her eyes fill with tears when her Uncle proceeds to show her that a lion roars.  I'm not sure whether to feel sorry for my son who makes her cry or to laugh at the response she inevitably gives.  Let's just say it's videoed it for posterity.
  • She learned to crawl forward instead of scooting herself backwards into a corner while she was here.
  • We finally solved the question of what happens when you take a blue-eyed boy and a brown-eyed girl and mix them up.  You get a darling hazel-eyed daughter with a curl on top. 

  • Thanks for letting my inner grandmother come out to play today.  

    Bring joy,


    1. she is adorable! No wonder you can't get enough of her. Treasure every moment, I've found they fly right by. Thanks for sharing your sweetie pie Rosebud. ;j

    2. What a sweet little doll-face! And she has a dimple! Can't you just make them all move in next door??!! If I had a little granddaughter like that, I would never want to be apart from her.

    3. She is adorable. It sounds like she is just wonderful. It's so hard for them to be far away. I have two close by and 4 very far away. I know how that feels. Yes, you must get in the pictures. You have to hand the camera and ask someone to take the pictures. Enjoy every minute.

    4. What a little cutie pie. All my great-nieces and nephews live (too) far away, so I can understand your desire to revel in baby-ness during your visit with her.

      Thanks so much for commenting on my sock post! :)

    5. Awww, she is a cutie! They do change so quickly and grow up before you know it! Make the most of every minute.

    6. So sweet! Enjoy it. I loved every minute of sweet little girls. Now they are teenagers. I miss the days when they thought I knew everything ;)