Monday, February 04, 2013

Who In Their Right Mind Would EVER Bring That Home?

I never claimed to be sane, just hopelessly optimistic.

And adept at concealing my treasures from my sweetie which is fortunately easy in our over-stuffed garage.  He's not as bad as I am about dragging things home, but he does currently have four mid-century office desks stacked where car number two would be parked.

Did I mention that my walking partners are Enablers Extraordinaire? Bless their hearts, they are not embarrassed to help me comb through likely-looking garbage cans or walk next to me while I cart a thirty-gallon basket on my head. They even have helped me carry home large planters that neighbors were throwing away. They are true friends!

The Chief Enabler has even gone back with her car to rescue a bit of roadkill too heavy to carry home while I've trotted off to work. So on a chilly drizzly November day, I found this in my driveway when I came home from lunch.

Feel free to shudder. It's truly terrible. Really truly.  Horrid.

The top was upside down in the trash heap that morning so I didn't know what it looked like. I was appalled when I saw it.  Deeply aghast.  Horrified.

(Am I protesting too much?)

The bottom of the coffee table was what "attracted" me.

It had nice legs plus much of the black paint had already flaked off so half the job was already done for me.  I had grandiose visions of converting it into a plush velvet-covered bench.  Or tall footstool.  Or pouf.

Probably rodents have equally delusional thoughts about a free banquet as they approach a box of d-CON.

Anyway, I grabbed that coffee table, disasssembled it and hid away before the neighbors or my husband could see it.  Then did what any crazed crafter would do--complete ignored the legs and began projects using the top that I had no intention of keeping initially.

I've had these letter stashed away since Christmas 2011.

I had planned to buy and paint a nice pine board to mount them for 2012.

But when the free wood showed up...voila!
Next Christmas I'll have it surrounded with greenery so it shows up against my white walls.  And I'll straighten that lower-case "r" too. Because it's about a whole eighth of an inch off plumb.

The other drop leaf became a chalkboard that I just finished.

That flaky paint sanded easily. 

The edge stain is a new favorite--Minwax English Chestnut--which nicely frames the blackboard.

The remainder of the tabletop (I sawed part of it off for the bottom of the "mERrY" sign) is sitting on my workbench awaiting a few finishing touches so I can't show it to you yet.  I can tell you it's not going to be white or black or English Chestnut.   Part of the fun of this atrocious roadkill is the total freedom to experiment with anything my brain can conjure!

Once that's done, I'll be looking for some inspirational fabric to complete that fabulously luxurious (or not) upholstered bench.

Bring joy,

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  1. Awesome! I would have picked her from the trash, too. She has the legs... But to use the rest..... genius!

    1. Thanks, Suzanne! I can hardly wait to get the last two projects finished so I can share'em. Love your Audrey dresser BTW.

  2. I love free stuff just for that reason, you can go totally crazy with the redo and if it does not work, well, nothing lost. Love your sign, great thinking out of the box!!


    1. Thanks, Carol. I'm certainly having plenty of fun with my little orphan coffee table!

  3. I am sitting here with my coffee and giggling over your story! What wonderful friends you have to be Sherpa's for you! I am getting a vision of the basket on the head!

    Hey, if you do make a road trip up to my neck of the woods, let me know! I'd love to meet you!

    Happy hunting! And great job with the salvaged table top! Tooooo cute!


    1. Becky, I promise I'll let you know when I'm down your way. Your blog is one of my favorites--you are so sweet and soooo creative!

      Spot-on with "Sherpas", btw! That's exactly what my poor friends are, lol.

  4. I need some enablers and your imagination. Love to see what you have done with this and can't wait to see what you do the leg and frame section. Thanks for sharing.