Thursday, May 02, 2013

Aura Lee Meets Magnolia Pearl

Goldie (aka Aura Lee) knows something's up.
She's wondering who that new chick coming her way is.

Why it's Magnolia Pearl, the newest member of the flock. She's fully fledged and ready to enjoy outdoor living.

And her friends, more Barred Plymouth Rocks collectively referred to as the Rockettes. I mean, what else are you gonna call'em?
They came outside to enjoy the warm afternoon and check out the pullet run.  Goldie is a big softie and will probably be the bottom of the pecking order even though she's older and a lot bigger.  And a lot prettier.

Shhh!  That's our secret and I won't be mentioning that around any little grey ears.  You know how sensitive girls can be.  But it's true anyway--her golden Buff Orpington color is scrumptious!

I wouldn't dare put any of the the new flock, including Goldie, near the aging Bombshells--they are a bit assertive when it comes to other chickens, our dogs and my sandal-clad feet (ouch!).  The only animal that can intimidate them is the kestrel (sparrow hawk) that occasionally brings a snack into our backyard.  And even then they are more curious than wise.

Goldie did have a lovely Buff Orpington sister who didn't make it through the first two months for reasons unknown, so it was a long lonely winter in a makeshift coop in the garage for her.  (I won't be acquiring fall chicks in the future.)  She's in the process of learning to be an outside chicken.  She's discovered that she can go in and out of her coop freely, the wonders of warm sunlight and dark nights, and fresh air.

Her only complaint is the lawn mower.  She's scolds me loudly when I mow the lawn close to her run.  She doesn't know it's electric and pretty quiet, almost silent compared to gas mowers.  Or that our lawn is small and quickly mown so that noise is at a minimum. 

Hey, Goldie, start laying eggs and you'll be moving into new, spacious, quiet quarters!  And the Bombshells shall find a new home via Craigslist.  Nothing else could make me happier. Meanwhile, have fun getting acquainted with the Rockettes.

Bring joy,


  1. I love Barred Rocks almost as much as Buffs. I recently learned of Lavender Orpingtons. WOW! have you seen them, they are scrumptious! Rock on little Rockettes!

  2. So cute! We've had Buffs and Barred Rocks for years, among others, and those two breeds are by far the sweetest in my experience. And I'm not particularly crazy about chickens. ;)