Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Stealing Springtime

I kinda feel like Reno has stolen all the good weather from the rest of the country and kept it for themselves.

It seems like April here.  There are robins hopping from branch to branch among the spruce and cedars.  Birdsong serenades us each morning.  The sun is shining warmly and even clouds and light winds can't make us shiver.  

I biked to work wearing a light jacket and was too warm.  So I biked home for lunch in shirtsleeves.  (Long sleeves, but still...)  And what did I notice as I walked toward our front door? 

Flower buds on the mini-daffodils!!!

And shy violets peeking out from the remnants of autumn leaves that blow in from our neighbors' yard!

I just wanted you to know that springtime will come for us all if we can just hang in there long enough.  Ya gotta have faith.  And oh, how much we'll appreciate it when we're really and truly surrounded by all the beauty of new life.

It wasn't that long ago that we were shivering in snow and single digits.  And we'd honestly and truly be delighted if you could send some of your weather in our direction.  We're entering yet another scary year of drought here in the Sierra Nevada and are praying hard for snow flurries, blizzards, thunderstorms, rainshowers or whatever we can persuade the weather gods to send our way. 

Wouldn't it be great if we could search craigslist to acquire some snow, rain or sunshine depending on what we needed?  Or bid on eBay for a winter storm or a sunny day? 

May your electric stoves be simmering hot cocoa and warm soup.  My your thermostats keep those home fires burning. May your porch lights shine out so that you can see the beauty outside and your pantry shelves bulge with good things to eat. I'm wishing that you are enjoying Netflix or board games or dreaming by a warm fireplace.  Most of all, I wish everyone safe and sound.



  1. safe and sound, sounds like a great wish for everyone. We are getting rain so I will happily exchange it with you for a few sunny, shirt sleeve days!

    1. I'll take the rain, Joanne...even if it means eight muddy dog paws to clean every time they come in! I often wonder how people who live in rainy climes manage to have dogs. Snow is so clean in comparison!

  2. This post really was excellent reading for me today. I feel better and I know that good friends are essential as we battle through the hard parts! Love the power of the internet :)