Monday, March 17, 2014

The Nest and the Scrub Jays

I didn't mean to create a "situation" but I think I was born to be the neighborhood trouble-maker.

I have a spring wreath on my front door. It's so cheery and springlike that it makes my heart happy every time I come up my front walk.

Winters are way too long and cold and spring is worth celebrating, wouldn't you agree?

Nestled among the silk flowers is a faux nest I created from little birch branches and inside are three little eggs painted robins egg blue.

The nest is cute, the eggs are colorful and everything seemed just fine until this year...when I noticed there were only two eggs in the nest.   

Darned hot glue just didn't hold or somebody shut the door extra hard, I figured.  I looked everywhere for that egg but couldn't find it.

Then most of the second egg disappeared.   Hmmmm.

And the last remaining egg showed signs of...

 (dum, dum, da,da, DUM)

egg-stealing, nest-robbing, hungry hoodlum scrub jay attack!

I can just imagine the conversation around the Jay Family table that evening.

Fledglings:  "Mom, are you sure we're supposed to eat eggs?" as they show her the empty shell they carried home.
            Momma: "They just don't make eggs like they used. I don't know what robins are coming to these days."
            Grandpa Jay:  "You young whippersnappers complain about everything.  Why, I flew upwind to school both ways and had to eat moldy worms for lunch when I was your age."
           Dad:  "I'll show you how it's done tomorrow."

Famous last words--can't you just picture the glee of the young ones when Dad had to eat his words.  Literally!

But gets worse for them.  We've replaced the eggs and have taken to listening for commotion at the front door.  My sweetie and son thoroughly enjoy flinging the door open and scaring the jays right out of their tail feathers. It might be hard on the hungry jays but I suspect they'll think twice before attacking the songbird nests for a quick snack later this spring!

I shouldn't laugh but I can't help it.

Meanwhile, I'm working on a nest-making tute--so you can be the trouble-maker in your neighborhood too. 

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  1. How about that! It sure WAS cute lol!


    1. Funny how we never know exactly how our creative impulses will turn out, Carol. At least yours don't cause any trouble!

  2. Hah. Wonder if they will nest in your nest. Pretty wreath with or without eggs.

    1. I could see a linnet taking it over--that would be fine with me since they are my favorite songbirds!

  3. Those pesky jays! We have those and crows also! It seems like one is always squaking at the other - probably stealing each other's eggs! Great story - thanks!

    1. Jays always remind me of camping trips, so I do like them a lot. I just wish they weren't such egg-stealers, but I guess we'd be awash in sparrows if they weren't. I've seen the jays go crazy when the crows show up at their nest--karma!