Friday, February 19, 2016

Basics 101

I love DIY blogs but making a home both liveable and lovely involve more than horrible-before-and-inspiring-after photos.

The rules of basic home repair:

  • it ain't gonna be pretty (see Exhibit One, below)

  • your fingernails will not thank you
  • it takes forever
  • one thing leads to another.
The rewards of day one, meager but worthwhile--sinks that drain properly and don't leak.

Coming soon:  clean, mildew-free caulking around the tub!

Also, I have a growing feeling that uncaring landlords--who snapped up foreclosures, used them as rentals, performed not one iota of basic maintenance, and are now selling for an insane profit--will be reincarnated as cockroaches over and over, stomped on by homeowners for eternity.

Stay creative,


  1. Yuck. Home repair isn't easy. Hope things get better.

  2. Isn't it great that your son has provided you with blog fodder forever!!! Wear gloves and save those nails.