Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Getting Back to Basics

The family Pinterest boards have been expanding rapidly while our son's house (gotta get a name for that) was in escrow.  Google has been consulted on everything from General Finishes Gel Stain colors, to Bosch dishwasher reviews, and from dog doors to French doors. There must be a hundred paint chips sitting on the coffee table.  I'm pretty sure we've evaluated every fifty-two inch ceiling fan in town for both looks and function.

Oh, how lovely it would be to plunge right into the fun stuff.  Paint and new faucets and furniture.

The first things through the door later today will be tools though.  There are three leaky sinks, one loose toilet, and caulk that needs to be removed and replaced.  No need to worry about the air conditioner with snow in the forecast, but gutters might be a priority since melted snow is dripping onto pavers tilted toward the foundation and seeping underneath the house just a bit.

Truthfully, it would be a relief to just schedule professionals to come in and tighten pipe joints and install seamless gutters.  Pity they cost big bucks that our first-time homeowner doesn't have.  He does have a genetic predisposition towards DIY and two parents with a little extra time who aren't afraid of power tools.

Patience, Grasshopper.  

Wax on, wax off.

The kitchen is functional as it is right now, but thank heavens transforming the cabinets from pink pickled oak to rich dark walnut is high on the priority list due to the convenience of restaining before he moves all his cooking equipment in.  Can't you just imagine how gorgeous this kitchen is going to be with dark wood against the granite?

Sort of like this inspiration photo.

Basics are inescapable but there's nothing like the enjoyment of actually seeing progress happen right before your eyes.  And I think this is the change our son is looking forward to most of all.

The Queen Mother always told us we had to eat our dinner before we got dessert. Dang it.

Holding creativity in check for the present,


  1. oh, the possibilities are endless. fun awaits.

  2. i thought I could include an image. Sorry about that. Go to and I will post a better image. If u still can not read it, I will email a PDF. But I will need ur email address at that point. Thanks again for visiting. ; )

    1. Much better image! Thanks so much. I'll let you know how he liked it!