Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Attack of the Merry Maids

The house as Itself.
Dirt as Itself.
The dual role of Merry Maids and Bubble Girl will be played today by moi.

Act 1

House: Clean me! Clean me!
Dirt: Heh heh heh.
Merry Maids (knocking at the front door): Hello, Merry Maids, anyone home?
Dirt: No, no, anyone but Merry Maids.
Bubble Girl: Hi, I brought my Goo-gone and a nice soft cloth to make those windows shine!
Dirt (moaning pitifully): Too much shine, too much soap and water, too much perkiness. I'm going down the drain to find someone who will appreciate me.
Merry Maids and Bubble Girl (waving): Have a nice trip!
House: My heroines!

I love the before and after shot--the fingerprints show how truly grimy it was. I still can't figure out how the inside could have been dirtier than the outside. Did they turn it inside out to store it?

Anyway, it's completely clean and ready for the decorator who even as we speak is measuring for the new blue-and-yellow rubber ducky themed bath...

Tune in tomorrow for Episode 3: Will the decorator save the bathroom? What will the mystery room become? Where did the door go?

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