Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Eight Inches

That's how much snow we just had.
Which somehow turned magically into...


and this...

and this!

Keep the faith, all ye snowbound souls. Spring is creeping closer and closer.

I can tell. Not just in my earliest bloomers who vie each year for the title of First Flower of the Year, but in the chorus of dawnsingers that woke me this morning, in the buds on the forsythia bush and cherry tree that are just a little fatter each day, in the heat of the sun as it peaked out at all those of us armed with snowshovels, and the eight inches that were essentially gone in twenty four hours.

Yep, Spring is just around the corner. Give us three weeks or so and our world is going to change, explode with color and noise.

So...I am going to enjoy the last bits of winter--the skiing and snowshoeing and sledding and snowball fights and neighbors helping neighbors shovel driveways--before Spring arrives in all her glory and I forget how peaceful I feel when snowflakes drift down lazily and silently.

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  1. It was like spring here in CA today. Which is good because I've been wearing like the same 5 sweaters in rotation FOREVER now. I'm so done.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!