Friday, February 22, 2008

Typing School


History major with emphasis on Ancient and Eastern European. (So I probably knew where Latvia and Lithuania were before you did.)

I couldn't touch type in college. (Do you know how many term papers a history major has to churn out? No? Well, you don't really want to know, trust me.)

I learned to type afterwards. (Nothing like doing things bassackwards.)

On a manual typewriter. (Bang! J Bang! E Bang!T)

I built up speed on IBM Selectrics. (If it's an extremely long geological word I can type it at 80wpm.)


I am apparently incapable of typing pogonip corrrectly on the first try. I like to leave comments. I'd like my comments to link to more than just my blog profile so I include the whole URL when I drop by my blogging friends.




Maybe I should just change my blogging name to something I can spell.

1 comment:

  1. I learned to type when I was like 12 with Mario Teaches Typing. My dad thought it was very important.