Sunday, March 16, 2008

Almost Pogonip

Spring Break was too early this year. I thought so earlier, but forgot while reveling in the joy of warm New Mexico gardening weather.

The wake-up call came this morning. Snow... in Arizona...near Las Vegas. (!) Snow that stuck to every branch and twig and cactus needle. Gorgeous, even if not quite up to pogonip standards. I wanted to stop and take a close-up of the amazing beauty of a desert snowfall, but three inches of this snow also stuck to the highway.

A highway filled with insane RV drivers hauling trailers and little cars who passed us at unsafe speeds, spattering an avalanche of snow onto our windshield to blind us for ten endless seconds until we could react and increase the wiper speed to hyperdrive. Okay, so it was just one RV driver, and we were lucky to be on a straight stretch of road and everyone behind us had already been blinded and was driving slowly. It could have been much worse than merely scary. My little guardian angel charm swinging from the rear view mirror was working overtime for us.

A week's vacation definitely relaxed me because I refrained from rolling down my window and letting a small birdie take flight when we passed him later. You may now refer to me as St. Pogonip if you wish.

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  1. you went on vacation?!? I am so jealous!